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Code of Conduct

Below is the PWSL Code of Conduct that each player agrees to each season and is signed off on during the registration process. The Code of Conduct is incredibly important to ensure that an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect are up kept.

I understand and recognize that PWSL is a recreational league that provides women aged 19 and over the opportunity to play recreational soccer.

I will respect and abide by the FIFA rules (where applicable), the League’s mission statement, and the disciplinary chart, which governs the conduct of the League.


I will respect the referees and their decisions. I will respect all participants, including teammates, coaches, and opponents.


Unsportsmanlike behaviour can result in either a team or an individual being thrown out of this League. Repeated unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with increasing harshness.


I acknowledge that I have received and understood the rules (available at that govern PWSL and have read the rules and agree to abide by it in its entirety. I also acknowledge that if I do not abide by the CODE of CONDUCT, I will face the following actions:


a) 1st offence-written notification by the PWSL Executive Committee stating the next course of action to be taken.


b) 2nd offence-player not allowed to participate in any PWSL games or practices until her case has been reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee.


c) 3rd offence-possible refusal of future registration and possible expulsion from PWSL for the player.

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