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Outdoor Season

The Pierrefonds Women's Soccer League’s mission is to provide women with different abilities the opportunity to play recreational soccer. Due to this level of play, physical fitness and friendship are the primary goals and are expected to be accomplished in an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect. Before the beginning of every summer the teams are built by the Evaluation Committee and they work very hard to try to create balanced teams. The teams are then announced at our Annual Outdoor Kickoff Meeting which takes place in May. The Kickoff Meeting is an evening where players will meet their captain, fellow team mates, receive the playing schedule & player’s jersey that is loaned out for the summer that must be returned at the end of the season.


Our summer Outdoor Season begins in June and runs into September. Every team plays 2 games each weekend – one game Friday night and the other Sunday morning. We play at Alexander Park in Pierrefonds. Games will consist of two (2) 40 minutes halves and a 5 minute half time. Each team will field 11 players, of which one will be the goalkeeper.

After a month of playing, the Evaluation Committee will meet towards the end of June and re-assess the dynamics of all the teams. The Evaluation Committee will decide on any switches needed to be made in an effort to have teams that are as balanced as possible, taking into account the abilities & experience of all our players as well as PWSL’s mission. Any team changes to a team’s roster will go into effect by the first week of July.


Our Round robin and play-off games take place between mid-August and mid- September. Please be aware that during round robins and play-off games players missing due to injury, illness or travel plans cannot be replaced by spares and teams must play with the number of players present. At the end of each outdoor season, all players are invited to celebrate the end of the summer at our annual PWSL banquet.


* If a player’s personal schedule doesn’t not allow them to commit to playing 2 games each weekend, they may have the option of registering as a spare. Captains refer to the spares list to replace absent players during the regular season (before the playoff period).

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