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History of PWSL

In 1997, there were no soccer leagues in the area that catered to women over 19 years of age. Pat Smith took a large interest in the game of soccer and began setting up pickup games with a few ladies that summer on a small field at Greendale Park in Pierrefonds. This group of ladies grew larger the second year - to six teams.

From those teams, players resided in Pierrefonds & Dollard but the majority were Dollard residents. With a desire to play at least twice a week and on larger fields, they worked with the city to book fields. At the time, if a field was to be allocated to a team or group 80% of its players had to be residents of that particular city. In 1998 the teams were part of DDO women’s soccer as the city was able to supply a field and decent playing times. As the passion for soccer continued to grow, Pat secured indoor playing time as well from October to May at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School.  After two years with DDO, they decided to create a league of their own.

2007 Indoor_109.jpg

Pat Smith recruited Lorraine Caron, Cathy Rusyn, and Sandra Bracegirdle to formally start a soccer league for women in Pierrefonds and as a result the Pierrefonds Women’s Soccer League was born. With the help of the Pierrefonds Soccer Association, they were able to supply us with fields and playing times. Years later women are still enjoying the game of soccer at a recreational level in Pierrefonds due to the ground work laid out by the founders and the relentless work of all our volunteers; past and current members of our Executive Committees, Evaluation Committees, Indoor Tournament Committees & Banquet Committees.

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